Education is the Key to Success


Since I've been in high school

I thought I was so cool

Getting straight A's

Hey, it really pays

Started doing college apps and took the ACT

Made a good score and saw my future before me

I did some scholarships wanting to be a big hit

I want to lead, and succeed, and be 

A change in the lives of my family

I'm the first to go to college in my family tree

Just trying to be somebody to succeed

Trying to further my education and contribute to society

but first I gotta win some scholarship money

My GPA is high and my goals are even higher

Got inspired by this quote I seen on a flyer

It said "Education is the key to Success"

So I decided I had to do  my very best.

Pursuing a career in Psychology

I'm a driven young lady I hope you can see

You only write once, it's the motto, you see?





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