Education vs Imagination

Mon, 12/02/2013 - 18:25 -- LRSwim





These three words not only make chills go down more than half of Americas students

But also chills down the spines of their parents

A place where we are supposed to learn how to survive in the "real world"

But how can we survive when we dont know how to live?

Education is important

School is Important

The future is important

But so is living

If students are simply studying, reading and going by the book

How can we

As students do  anything other than by the book

The books don't tell us how to use our imagination

The books don't tell us how to make friends

The books don't tell us how we can be happy

The books can't tell us who we are

Whatever happened to "You can be anything."

No strings attached


You can be anything If you get into the right school

You can be anything if you get the right grades

You can be anything if




What about those students who try as hard as they can

And cannot get above a C

What about those students who are artistic

Their "art" will be pushed aside for more "important things"

Like math or reading

Too many requirements

Too many strings attached

Too many times I hear the word "if"




What if

What if you were to fly

What if you cured cancer

What if you fell in love

What if you could paint other than what you are told

What if we were encouraged to explore the dark corners of our imaginaiton

What if 

See that?

I just added four letters

Think of that sentance

Just think for a minute

So many more things can come out of those six letters

So many more people could be happier if they just said What if 

Instead of simply if

What if

What if

What if

What if you went to college, what would you do?

What if you persued an education? 

Those so much more positive 

So much more positive than 

If you go to college, you will be successful

If you persued education, you would be farther

Let us change how we teach

Let us not only use the books

Let us use our imaginatioin

Let the imaginations soar past the clouds

Past the sun 

And past the moon

Past the planets

Past the stars

Let us soar past the right angled boxes 

Let us soar to the wonderful places of our minds

Let us find the deepest corners of the minds

Let us think outside the box and simply wonder

What if?



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