As I approach her with wide eyes and shaking arms,

She comforts me, enveloping me in a soft blanket of words,

Each word transcending space and time,

Teaching me lessons that forever change me,

She left love in my hands and strength in my heart,

Giving me a taste of what could be,

With every smile and step,

She showed me the power –

 the power to be a woman, the power to make change,


As I leave with my hesitant voice and quivering mind,

She reminds me what I live for,

Who I could be,

I will never forget the memories we shared,

Or the person she has taught me to be,

A true emblem of grace and authority,

With simple words and mental quips,

I learned to understand,


But to no avail,

Time won the game,

As it ticks and flows in its wake,

I realize how everything has truly changed,

As age weakens her limbs yet strengthens her mind,

I notice the scarcity of her breath,

And the softest smiles that she gives,

As she stays strong in the face of change.