Oh geez
I made your face red again
And made the blood rush up to your ears
Your body heat begging to be cooled by normalcy
And I get excited
Ah, your fingers are trembling again
I mean nobody saw you that time
At least I don't think
Your breath is coming in intervals again
And Your head is swimming in unnecessary details
More intricate than anyone else noticed
But it is infact my fault I must say
I've become fond of this sickening hobby to watch you grasp for air
You're so uncomfortable in this atmosphere
Shall I divvy up more fun?
Create craters in your stomach and string necklaces of your tears
Hang the beads of your sweat on the front mantle
And blast those pre pubescent tunes in the background as our guests enjoy our production
That black eye as our show host
And junior high pictures, our guest stars
Listen to the band bad gossip
Our audience replaces applause with laughter and cheers with taunts
No longer in the back row
Come and Step up for your curtain call
Get consumed by the laughter
Let it sweep you like the Riptide
And carry you into a state of devastation
I'll be here on the sidelines
Lining banana peels on your escape plan
And signing mortification on the cause of your death certificate

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