Rip my heart out and take my soul
To be void, empty, isn’t that the goal?
Every thought is a slice on the wrist,
Every decision is blinded by a mist
My body searches for one to come close
To no avail, my sadness grandiose.
The light shines on me, yet still so cold
This feeling of loss will never get old.
To laugh and to cry to live and to die.
All but the parts of life, we all comply.
I walk and walk and let my feelings talk
But the evils are so keen, like the eyes of a hawk.
As the life before me fades, the hole dug with a spade
I lie in my bed, perfectly made.
I’m tired, I need sleep I say. Wondering if life will be different the next day.
In my waking hours, I’m left disappointed,
my mind is knowledgeable of the terrors anointed.
My blood runs cold
Nothing left to hold
As I let go
I hold on and say no.


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