"What does it feel like
To not feel anything at all?"
I whispered to the brown-eyed girl who lived next door.
"Empty, like a black hole," she replied.

"But a black hole is not empty."

She looked away for a moment and closed her eyes,
Shielding them from the blinding sunlight.

"A black hole destroys everything in its path;
Whatever goes in, never comes out.
In a sense, it is not empty- but nonetheless, it is,"
She took a sip of her steaming coffee and opened her eyes.

"Close your eyes for a moment."
I closed my eyes.

"Your eyes are now closed off to the sunlight.
All you see is darkness- emptiness.
Although you know that your eye sockets aren't empty,
You feel-"

"Empty," I finished her sentence, and opened my eyes.

"Yes, empty," she took a sip of her coffee.

She closed her eyes.



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