Thu, 09/04/2014 - 17:26 -- AmarisV

Join me in my parade
of sickening disgrace.
Shower me with attractive words, pushing me off edge.
Smile that mischievious one
with hidden secrets close behind. Whisper clever words of thin sweet coding.
Feed me love, filling voids.
Blind my eyes,
that senses may twist.
That touch may become gold
and that I may depend on your words of treasure.
Let this cycle end in an instant of only your timing.
 Let me become a habit, a seasonal hobby.
That when rememberance grants you thoughts,
your superiority and power shall make you king.
May your shadow follow me til the end where identy shall uncover. Though,
I've already shared with you my own. This mist of ignorance has led me to real pleasure.
Echoes of insanity yell forever...


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