Epitome of Black

B for Beautiful voices and Brave souls such as Whitney Houston and Rosa Parks

L for Legendary creators such as Quincy Jones and Barry Gordy

A for Acclaimed Oscar-winning Actors and Actresses such as Denzel and Halle

C for Creative minds such as Sean Combs and Russell Simmons

K for Knowledgeable spokespersons such as Lonnie Lynn aka Common

          You see, the epitome of Black is so overlooked and underappreciated

          It’s pushed to the side and neglected leaving our voices and opinions unheard

It’s hurtful to see my generation full of young black Queens and Kings oblivious to their potentially accomplished goals and their dreams that’s soon to become a beautiful reality

          Black intellectual minds surround me that’s still corrupted with negativity from the oppressor

          It’s quite depressing. I’m tired of stressing over which one of my brothers or sisters life was taken from future success- a future doctor, a future lawyer. Taken from their mother’s arms and leaving her with nothing but blurred memories and drenched with tears

          For years, we’ve been under this stereotype of ignorant, loud and ghetto

          And they’re right, we are ghetto, we’re Getting Hate Everyday and Trying To Overcome

          And you see, we will overcome and rise above it all, thick skin and all and even through our flaws we stand tall ready for the world and all it has to offer because nothing or no one can define us nor rob us of our talents and greatness

And I’m sure until the day we die, we as a team, we as a whole, we as a unit, we as a race, will leave this world bathed in our creations, inventions and achieved goals all stemmed from our bright minds and dare someone to try and stop us

The epitome of black beauty is so underrated and neglected, a little brown-eyed Black girl ashamed of who she is and what she looks like. Not knowing that her smooth chocolate skin shines powerfully and beautifully through any judgment and criticism that’s threw her way

And the little brown-eyed Black boy that’s told he will never amount to anything except rap music and jail cells. Not knowing that both are the least of his worries and far from his bright future






The epitome of the Black that doesn’t crack

And you can say whatever about us, it won’t change anything. Because at the end of the day, when it’s all said and done, we will come together and accomplish, inspire, conquer and rise as one….





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