The Era of Enlightenment


Once an ideology is accepted, regardless if the idea is constructed in the abstract or in the reality; the ideology will subconsciously govern the mind and the body by doing, so it will ultimately affect the behaviors of the individual.

The current state of my level of consciousness, I thought, was unable to evolve by the means of communication with another human being, until the day I met you. On that day I have met a paragon of enlightenment.

The Lucifer-ian being has given me the ability to express the era of my seemingly aphoristic ideology.

She has altered the way I view people’s intelligence as well as administrate the alteration of my perception of the value of a true conversation.

But may I be warned, she is the anthropomorphic equation of destruction; which is absolute beauty plus the absence of ignorance.

I hope one day her and I could coalesce our intelligence naturally as well as unnaturally to achieve our goals in life; whatever that may be. But if togetherness is deemed impossible, I would thank her in advance.

I would like to thank her for allowing me to understand beauty in a new light as well as be illuminated by her very existence.


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I really enjoyed reading this :D Your diction is spectacular! I just...this was wonderful.

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