Like the brightest of stars

Her hands could create anything

And she chose to unfold

Her beautiful soul

Within spray paints and photographs

Hair dye and paper boxes

Boxes that hold just enough

Of her

To feel the emotion behind her creativity

Spirit flowed through her heart

The whole world received it

It dripped from her fingertips

Casting a light so bright

If I went blind, I would rather the cause

Be that light

Her light

Her light that vanished

Quicker than

     An eclipse




Absolute and

Permanent this time

Like the end

Her starlike soul collapsed in upon itself

Leaving in her wake a network of memories

A glowing nebula that sounds like

Silent laughter and washed up smiles

Empty hands

Never to hold hers again

Warp and shrivel in the absence of an angel who

Deigned to grace this earth with her presence

She knows

I know she does now

She knows the magnitude of the love that surrounded her

Sometimes unseen


But ever present

When fog gets too thick

It blocks out the stars

She let it block out her own light

She hid it from herself

Unknowingly wearing herself down

Or maybe she knew

Maybe she chose to wrap herself in a blanket of fog

Sealing herself away

The reasons are such that no one can understand

Known only to her

The secrets she kept are forever unknowable

She stole her heart away from


She stole our hearts away when she left

Her remnants glow bright

But our hearts grow dark

She took herself from us

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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