The Essence of Hatred

The essence of hatred is one of corruption and rot.

It reaks of the pleague of dealdly desires and will consume you as a whole,

and lead you into a path all alone.

With your hatred and corruption you begin to rot in a path of dark and forgot.


The contract of hatred is one you must sign when you resign all you got to hatred and greed

For when you do this you are a slave to your dark emotions and darker desires.

For any old bright goal you may have sought, 

has now been done and forgot.


Now any morals you may have had have began to rot.

Even though you have sought and fought to escape you have found yourself,

in eternal thought. 

So you will trought down this path,

so deep in thought,

remembering the times before,you soughr all you thought.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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