Eulogy to My Love - Ode to Revenge

An ode to your tongue

And the lies that it spilled

Dripping like blood in snow

Burning like the flames

Tearing through the paper

The paper I wrote on

The paper I colored

The paper that I swore

I put a piece of my soul into

It is still much too heavy to hold

And my hands are still shaking


I heard that it takes over a year

To get over an ex

But I lied and said

I got over you in two months

And a day

And a half

And a minute

And a second

You always had a second

Not enough time to text me back

But enough to let me know

That I would never be enough

I was your second choice

You had every second chance

And a third and a fourth

And a fifth and a sixth

And so on

And so on

And so on my heart breaks

And so on my head pounds

And so on my mind spins

And so on you go

And so on my heart beats


I hope your silver tongue

Never lets you lift your head

To see the sky again

To see the moon that I spoke of

Beautiful and pure

The only constant

Ever changing

I won’t compare you to her

The moon is mine

And you are not

You belong to someone else

I hope that girl is not worth it

I hope I see you and her one day

Warn her that I might snap

It’s not my fault you’re a liar

I hope when you see me

You feel like someone’s stabbed you

If I hit you I hope it hurts

I hope you live a long life

Full of pain and regret

I hope you have a daughter

And that she wears glasses like mine

And gives you déjà vu when she sings

And likes all the things I gushed to you about

I hope it’s a quiet day at home

Just like you dreamt

And she tells you

About a boy

And you know just exactly

What you put me though


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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