Ever-Expanding Diameters


Diatribes against discrimination

Of hate that plagues a nation

Once called United but now, separation

Kicking and screaming against ghettoization

But our shouts are all silenced

By the hands of commanders

Oppressed by the law backed by old bible slanders.

Only makes us incensed

Doesn’t make any sense

‘Cause the cents that we’re making,

Pennies and dimes,

Are a quarter the value of us and our time.


While rays of sunshine paint rainbows in skies

Remember those colors are phosphorescent lies.

‘Cause in this world the only colors are stark black and white

And they’ll white-out your rights if you try to ignite

A flicker of change, a flame of a fight

Flamers who aim to just ride out the night

While the ether shoots lasers upon lasers of pain

 And cast shadows on convex caves of polyurethane.


‘Cause persecution’s synonymous with our Constitution

We speak of a figment, never comes to fruition

An illusion of equality we propagate frequently

But never have the nerve to validate legally.

Two plus two equals four, we say so convincingly

But how does one man plus another equal delinquency?

And how is the work of an educated woman worth less than a male’s

Who makes a quarter more money for the very same sales?

This math doesn’t add up, the answers irrational

Since when was deviation branded as criminal?


But we live.

We live and we love.

We love against laws that keep us from loving

From loving our lives and supporting our lovers

Who love us like druggies that sweep under bridges and live under covers

Who slump against stairwells that descend from the slums

And shoot glitter sex magic into veins with their thumbs.

And we’ll live in this world of trippy fake bliss

While reality looms and nips are our lips

Contorting our mouths into shouts of reform

Words that may go unheard but never unsung.

For we’d rather disappear into branches of thorn

Screaming for salvation as our stomachs are torn

And the stinging air creates a cacophony from lungs

That are tired of fighting for rights naturally born

To favorable counterparts, deserving no more.


Now is the time to change.

To reject the wages with which we’ve been stuck

To drop the lucky pennies that never brought any goddamn luck.

For equality is now and now we will fight

To penetrate the darkness with effervescent light

That bubbles and flows like the great river Nile

Delivers us to freedom from this unlawful bile

That cascades likes acid rain from an infinite plane

And burns the cheeks of wounded lovers and workers

Who work through the pain, trying to stay sane

In a world where no grain will harvest a gain

That can offer relief from this scarlet red A.


Until we decide to grow a new crop

That brings all the corruption in this twisted world to a stop.

That makes love sprout from mangos that drip from the trees

And slip sugar between the lips of discriminant fleas.

To sweeten the words that spill from their tongues,

Declaring equality that we’ve finally won.


So lets invest in a garden that grows such a yield

So we can see the day when our children will feel

That they may be vast; a fissure of future

A glistening glimmer that spangles the past

And skates over frozen streams of consciousness

Over rolling hills of impermeable bliss

To a place where love has no parameters

And equality in ever-expanding diameters.


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