After an empty walk down Exeter

Hands in your pocket, my psych spits out bricks

With a steady foundation, seamlessly they build


Talks of the quiet city, and hopes for new york

You make a crack into your feelings

But my wall is emerging, and my response hopelessly elusive


You escape to your cloud of smoke in open-air

The blacker your lungs, the more consumed am I by your fumes

Then shattered to pieces I am at the sight of you in a heart-pulverizing act


Struck immobilized,

Paralyzed and consumed

An empty being, I meander, suffer

It’s misery’s business, exacerbating every care


Accumulation of apprehension

Building of trepidation

Oh you, you are foreboding


But begin I, to explore the vines

That sprout the pits in my throat

Manically I call for help


Then as emotion’s slave

I transform you to art

Depression writes my poems

And paints my pictures


Released you are motion after motion, word after word

You’re so transparent, it’s unseen

Though felt it is, the catharsis incredible


My fears and insecurities,

Manifested they had been, unimaginably

Face-first I was into the pitfalls


Yet you broke down a barrier of my sensitivity

Debunked the code of my naivety

Fueled the spirit of my resiliency


So pay you I do, with gratitude

Because when I’m clear, I’m an intrepid force

Stagnant you remain, but I emerge a Phoenix


Seeds sown with those waterworks of tears,

But exponentially I blossom

I carve the slate of everything in awesome.

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