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Sun, 05/26/2013 - 19:09 -- Syimone


United States
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I find what my life means
When I take time to multiply my success n not my dreams
You ask what does that actually mean
Do I give up on my passions
for social standing and money schemes
I ask what exactly does money bring...
Happiness or love? hate or disgrace?
Or do you find yourself in a place
Where a smile is not as it seems?
And you aren't who you portray to be
And the person that you truly are is the portrait you claim you'd hate to be
So naturally
Your thoughts are of "hating me"
this is an example of insanity
But if 9 out of 10 people are thinking these things
Then insanity has become a normalcy
That would make 10% of society to be the ones that are crazy
They say I'm not poetic because my vocabulary is lazy
And that I'm uneducated because I couldn't attend high school daily
Yet I can't let pathetic peoples thoughts phase me
The path they walked can't change me
This is how He made me with a vision of perfection
If everything He made was good then I am in no need of correction
If He who is in me is Great I'm also in no need of protection
I chose my words wisely just for this selection
To be sure you'd comprehend and detect if there was any deception
I made one exception
That detour my course of direction
Landed in court where justice is injustice when a public defender can't make an objection
This is my life's reflection
If you have yet to make the connection
In "words" I find love&affection


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