Wed, 09/03/2014 - 03:33 -- Soulae

Women can’t do everything,
this is a man driven society that saids we need to stay home,
take care of the kids, cook, clean and wait hand and feet on our man,
we can’t have dreams that take us around the world,
we can be successful but not too above of our husbands,
so that means we can only be average,
be great as long as were under a man doing everything for us,
society thinks were dumb,
we can’t hold powerful position on our own,
we gotta prove ourselves more then men do, 
thats why so many women take on men personalities,
take on the hard personas,
"I’m hood," cause they tryna prove themselves,
we don’t get taken seriously,
we gotta work extra harder then men do,
cause were women that considering society can’t do everything,
I can do everything and anything,
this society is male driven but I’m not being a slave to that,
cause I got a mind, a dream, a vision, creative concept,
a plan where I see myself,
I’m not settling,
cause I’m powerful,
cause I’m a woman,
and that’s a threat.




WOMEN are just as good as men.This message is so true on how the world see women.Women are determined,passionate ,independent ,educated,powerful and strong for anything this world has to offer there not a job to small or to big that women as a nations all women of ever race can't handle We are important and valuable for any job .I love this poem check out my work when you get a chance 

check out my work and hopefully it inspire you 


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