The Extinction of a Kid

It was like a flowing river,

So endless with a flow so steady.

The years blossomed,

And although life revolved around the good,

I always mistaked the wrongs as something so normal.

I was just a kid passing by,

Until one day, the plague arrived into my home,

Or maybe, it had already been there, hiding.

It was then with the chaos that revolved around me,

That I knew, I was never a kid.

Tied up between a wall and a sword,

I couldn't figure who was doing wrong.





That took over my home

It took over the people who called themselves my parents.

A kid, at age 6

That was me,

I saw the world

Everything was the same thing with a different name,

Our happiness, was the violence and destruction

And destruction was our home.

Now she's 15 and i'm 17,

But who are we but desolate pieces of broken souls,

The extinction of a kid,

That's what it was.

But how can it be extinction if there was no kid in the begining...

The extinction of a kid is nothing but a myth,

Because children are no longer part of the human race.

This poem is about: 
My family


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