Failure factures the soul

Impairs the mind

Injure every part of the body

Failure is disgusting and dreadful


Everyone abscond from loss

Alike the reckless fears it

Failure is the origin of frustration

Brings forth resentment

Cracks the heart along with

Seclusion as well as contempt


Failure scents like faintness

Underestimates all the confidence

Monopolize your thoughts with obstruction

Aggrandize adversity in the soul

Makes one vulnerable when it intervene


Defeat leads to destruction

Up takes self-sufficiency

It degrades, by lack of respect


Nevertheless, downfall is a step to triumph

Defeat is a key to upgrade

Deterioration is a catalyst to action

A motivation to work hard

A manner to vengeance

An exaltation to success

Collapse is an antidote to weariness

A backward step for jumping over

Is a way to thrive.

Every great hero is a fruit of failure

Victory is impossible without failure



When you encounter failure know that it’s a path to victory

A railway to thrive

And teacher to legendary.




Failure by

Yvan Gatete





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