FareWell (Free Verse)

I remember the yelling the screaming you caused her
I remember objects being thrown and words being said
I remember that last night that changed everything
I remember seeing you walk out the door and didnt turn back


Why didnt you look back
You were my rock
I was daddy's little girl
But you left in the midst of the night
Without a single word

Now your wondering what happened
Now your wondering why i turned out the way i did
Now your wondering where your little girl is

She's gone
She walked out the door right behind you that night
And look at what she left behind

And its all because of you
You were the one who left me
when i needed you
You were the one who didnt bother to call until two months later leaving me to wonder where youve gone

Then it stopped
Communication ended and you were gone

Seven years later you return
Now you want your daughter back
Now you want to be in my life
Now, why now
What about those seven years of no communication of any kind leaving you as a memory in my mind
Do i hurt?
Not anymore because youve shown me how much you care
You left me
I woke up and you werent there
Now you want to be here
Now, why now?

Im happy
Im living life
Me and your family
We are happy

So go
Go back to the woman you left us for
Go back to the big house and big yard and nice cars you left us for

We've made it seven years without you
So farewell
Your little girl is gone
And what she left behind
Doesnt need you


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