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United States
38° 43' 26.562" N, 77° 6' 29.6784" W

Living in a world where theres much hurt nd resentment 

Down by the clouds that overshadow their every  being
Almost feeling confusion, regret, nd self pity 
Hearing the anger in their voice and evident in their stature
Expecting love and acceptance but there blinded by the low esteems that they feel for themselves 
Anticipating my every move to be the ones they plan
Causing me to set myself a part
Theres much refusal behind their proposals
It's almost as preposterous as clowns falling from gray skies
The more i view it my way the more it turns into doomsday
Mental insanity, screaming at the ways that are now silent becuz silence has become the best stance at every chance there's rebuttal.. I refuse to be viewed as you because I come from you
You've created me but not the ways made for me
Ways were set before there was ever a you and me
So Gods in control, he's always the head in charge!!!


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