Fear: An old Enemy of Mine

I feel it everyday,

I see it staring back at me;

My body wants to sway.

I've let it consume me like a disease that has no cure.

Why do I let it do that to me? 

"Don't be so afraid.": that is my lure.

My face is my permanent mask

No one knows my true face

No one knows that I'm not so straight-laced. 

Six hearts broken over and over again

The scars from the past still burn

Took me so long to realize what I did back then.

This is my sorry to you

I will beg and plead until my knees bleed

For you to accept me once more as true.

Thousands of hours wasted on salty tears

My hands tremble at all those hard years.

There will be no more

I will become what I should

Someone who will sore.

Forgive me just this last time

And I will make sure the pointless tears are gone

I will keep my six close like a vine. 


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