The fight

Darkest Pink,

Bumped and sore,

i hate myself,

im such a whore..


the deepest cuts,

the sharpest blades,

the pain it hurts,

it never fades..


My arms so ugly,

i try to hide,

but always reminded,

of what's inside..


I try to share,

but no one sees,

just how deeply,

i hate me..


used and tossed,

never kept,

condemned my soul,

i always wept..


i try to smile,

i try to laugh,

but all wants gone,

i am all i have..


id love to love,

but love you see,

took all i had,

took all of me..


when numb is there,

it's all you feel,

crowded inside,

no room to heal..


this is my cry,

this is my fight,

this takes all of me,

takes all my might.


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