Filter Free

Society, today, is filled with bullies and hate,

and with many different social media sites to help cyber fiends.

People making fun of how we look or about our weight. 

Boys and girls with acne who have only dreamed

they would have clear skin. 

On social media we go, 

to find that perfect filter. 

The one that will make us as white as snow. 

We search for that perfect filter, 

to give us that certain glow. 

Social media. 

It's meant to be social and yet,

is filled with the hurtful words of kids behind a computer screen.

I am on social media. 

I comment and like others photos.

I share my photos.

I go on social mdeia and share, me. 

The real me. 

No filters, or edits, 

just plain ole' me. 

Sure, I get hate,

but the world knows who I am,

not what I am behind a filter. 




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