Finding Heaven


Langston University
United States

As a young child a man would stand in front of us and preach about the word of God.

Now as a man I sit in a chair and again listen to a lecture

Difference is one is to get into heaven and the other is to one day have an executive label in before my name

I was told that before heaven can be lived hell will be gone through

So I guess while these student loans and hard classes build and continue I’m waiting on that heaven

Sacrificing my hate for school for wanting to do something better or am I just doing what those in power of society said I must I do “to live”

Finding God without a church or being educated without a degree, which offers more in this life.

Wanting to stand near the cross at all times but continually looking down at the village of my people and why do things have to be this way.

A college student who is stuck, blinded, and scared but keeping faith that the heaven I’m seeking is at the end of this journey


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