First Day of High School Freshmen Year

The people I hung out with 

I felt so out of the ordinary 

No one talked to me  

I go to every class period  

Waiting for someone to talk to me 

until lunch 

Go in the lunch room 

See people I know 

 I go in see people I know  

The people that made me laugh  

Finally found a table  

Sat there for two days 

Now the table is filled up 

Go to a different table 

Ask if it's okay to sit 

They say yes  

I'm happy 

I feel like I fit in 

Meet a guy 

Who want to go  

Into the military 

We have something in commune 

Bell rings  

Sad to go 

A month passes 

September thirteenth 

The day my aunt died when I was 11 

Depression comes  

No one know why I'm sad 

They ask  

I told 

Days pass 

And your friend  

You thought was friend  

Talks about you  

Telling people your mean 

Which you are not 

They don't know me 

They don't know  

What I been though 

What I have endure 

My life is hard  

Take medicine everyday 

For the depression 




They don't know  

They don't  

People make me annoyed 

Some do stupid things 

Some do smart  

But all ends the same 

I go on with my day 

No one to talk to  

No one cares about me  

I say 

Some people don't know 

How to live without a  



And Three brothers 

My brothers kept me alive 

They make me happy 

They look up to me 

They care about me 

They ask me are you okay 

I be honest  

With them 

I had a best friend since second grade 

I text him  

He reads it but doesn't text back 

I get mad but don't text how I feel 

People think I'm a joke 

Sometimes I am 

They say mean things 

Try being bullied since kindergarten  

Try crying everyday  

And then tell me how it feels 

You walk these halls 

You have friends  

I do too 

You guys wear mask  

You try to be a person you're not 

Yeah, I may get bullied after this 

But who cares about me 

No one does 

You guys rely  

On you boyfriends, and girlfriends 

Because you don't know how to talk 

No of you write letters to people  

No one talks anymore  

I do 

You need to 

I lost and aunt because she didn't talk 

To her family 


My life is shattered because of her death 

I tell myself she's not dead  

But I have to face the truth 

I walk the halls  


Yeah, I say hi to people 

Yes, I wave 

But you but you don't see me for who I really am 

I'm too scared to tell you guys 

But I will 

I was abused until I was four 

Forced to drink hot sauce 

Tied to a bed at night 

Shoot with a bembe gun 

But that’s over with now 

I remember everything 

No one know  

No one know how I feel  

Walk these hall for who you really are 

Don't be a guy or girl that wears a mask 

This is who I am 

Let me say this 

What if  

What if no one got bullied  

What if no one got hurt 

What if everyone had a father  

And mother in their life 

What if you won everything 

What if  

What if  

What if I wasn’t born 

Yeah, people say that if they get mad 

We are here for a reason 

No one is born without a reason  

For me I was told that I was aa oops baby  

No, I am not an oops baby  

I'm a miracle baby  

I spent six weeks in the NICU 

I wasn't breathing when I was born 

I'm a miracle  

And so are you 

Yeah, people say  

You're nothing 

You are worthless 

You are a disgrace 

You are a mistake 

You are not those things 

You are something 

You are worth it 

You are not a disgrace 

You aren't a mistake  

You are someone 

You are a miracle  

You shine bright 

A person came up to me 

Said this " Your hair is beautiful" 

I get this  

But wait  

People comment  

On my eyes 

Yes, they are black  

The doctor says this 

It is rare 

I'm a rarity 

For me to be a red head 

It like to see a person with 

Two different color  


My aunt was one of theses 

She had red hair 

And two different colored  


Eyes can say a lot 

About you 

I can see pain 




But it all is the same 

It says something 

It can say 

You are a person 

You that has a soul 

I would die for you guys  

But some of you wouldn't do it 

I would die 117 times  

For someone I loved and cared about 

Would you? 

Would you do if your love one  

Was in danger?  

Would you die for them?  

Would you cry? 

Would you fight for them?  

Well would you? 

You are probably think 


Why does she do this? 


People wear masks 

I did  

I wore one almost everyday 

You do too 

You don't see it 

I do  

After my aunt 

My mask came off 

I thought  

I had to be strong 

I thought  

I was the foundation  

Of my family 

To learn I was the foundation 

I'm still am 

I still cry  

Now and then 

You guys say your depressed  

You're not 

You're sad 

You wear mask  

You try to be a person you're not 

Take the mask off  

Now and forever 

You want to learn my worst fear  

My worst fear is losing someone I love 

Losing a friend, a family member  

That already has happened 

Now the masks I wore are gone. 

Will you take your mask off 

Or keep being the on 

To be a person who is the bully  

Of my life 

Or someone else  


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