Tue, 11/11/2014 - 12:53 -- tlew744

I am flawless because I am me

My eyes are open to the world, but through my battered heart is how I see

I see the world for what it is and for who people truly are

Addicted to the good in people I feel as if a change is not too far

A change of humanity, a change for the better

Writing this to my ex girlfriend I guess you call it a letter

But a poem is the expression, and I'm expressing how truly flawless I am

Go ahead and cheat on me with a boy because I am an outstanding young man

I dont need others to dictate my happiness I depend on no one, i'm on my own

I would rather be happy by myself, than be in a relationship all alone

So this is to you, Lauren

I am intelligent, kind, caring and this poem is me bragging that you are missing out

Writing about what makes me flawless is what it's all about





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