Thu, 12/11/2014 - 11:17 -- Chayle



I admit, I'm not the type to know about fake eyelashes

My curls fall apart by at least ten in the morning

But, I know with all these cyber-quick flashes

That the power of my gaze will go storming

Straight into everything your manhood declares

Making you weak at the knees with the roll of my hips

Matching the moments that you choose to stare

Biting the flesh breaking my bottom lip

Yeah, I did wake up like this

T-shirt, spandex, bedhead and all

And, I know you'll still want my kiss

Because you've already let your heart fall

No vape or cigarette required; smoke coming from my mouth

Within it, you see the image of your deepest dreams

Though, not even the slightest bit of drool allowed

Know that not everything is what it seems

I could have you wrapped around my finger with my dance

But, true beauty loves everything; it is nothing short of clawless

White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, Native, and Mixed girls all have you entranced

Bey already said it once; we all flawless


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