Thu, 12/11/2014 - 14:48 -- brebaby


I wake up every day and I think I look okay but it wasn’t always this way. Between what others say and my own mind, the thoughts raced through my head like there’s no time to stop and think about the situation. When I realized the problem was of my own creation, that what others thought of how I looked was never the real complication. It was truly my insecurity getting in the way, clouding my mind more day by day. Eventually I sat and thought why should it matter what they think, pushing me to the brink. In my head I began to think, if I like the way I look why should it bother me? We should be judged for who we are, and how we think. Not how hot we are or how much we can drink. But isn’t that how society works, no matter what we do they kick us to the dirt? Then I realized, I like the way I look. From my freckle covered checks to me enormous feet. So when I wake up like this, I know I’m flawless.


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