I have colored myself the entire rainbow. I have been black and have came back numerous times. 

This is why I am flawless.

I don't need Satan to compare me to other girls or tell me how I fall in comparison to them. I do it myself.

This is why I am flawless.

The compliments on my makeup. My hair. My style. Don't stick with me in my head. I say "thank you," and go about. Over the years, I have learned to not choose doubt when I am told by Him who I am.

This is why I am flawless.

I know:

My pains. My sorrows. My heartaches. My heartbreaks. My breaking points. My stressors. My insecurities. My secrets. My doubts. 

I also know:

My strengths. My quirky characteristics.  My talents.What makes others laugh. What I can do to help others heal. What I can do for them, instead of myself. How I can become a better servant to Him daily.

I can be strong. Very strong. 

And I can be weak. Very weak.

This is why I am eternally. flawless.


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