Flawless Is

Flawless is the introvert who revels in solitude

sipping from her favorite mug on a quiet Sunday morning

Flawless is the extrovert

Thriving at parties and outings on Saturday Night

Flawless is the single woman

Enjoying her life and completely fulfilled

Flawless is the married woman

Whose love is more than enough to share with anothe

Flawless is her quick wit

Whizzing through heated debates and conversations

Flawless is the scholar who values her aptitude

Never cowering from intellect

Flawless is the performer

Manifesting the image of feeling

Flawless is the poet

Presenting stories worth hearing

Flawless is girly AND boyish

Diving deeper than wardrobe



Flawless is feminist

Understanding that feminism is NOT about hating men

Flawless is fluid

Allowing room for the "gray area" or the "somewhere in between"


Flawless is the right to be all of the above without explanation or apology.



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