Fri, 01/16/2015 - 18:46 -- dsayegh


In this place ridden with fear, 
Where every man is bound to shed a tear.
This place that we are taught to call home,
Soon becomes a place we feel alone.
Quarantined in our own fears,
Not searching for help for years.
We are a puppets to others desires, 
Even when we try to cut the strings to perspire.
How do we live in this place full of fear and loneliness?
Where every eye is looking for you to confess.
So they can drag you down deeper into the pit.
As you wait for the pressure to explode like popping a zit.
Men like Ashton Kutcher do not allow others to drag him down,
As if there is no facial muscle that causes a frown. 
Kutcher once said to "build a life-don't live one, build one- find your opportunity, and always be sexy."
Living and building a life are two separate things,
One depends on what you receive and the latter on what you bring.
Neither of my parents went to school,
In their country it was support the family before education otherwise your a fool. 
Growing up I did not have much,
Though I was always sent with lunch.
With no money to go to college and no opportunity,
I was always under others scrutiny.
Looking at me as if I was going nowhere,
Causing me to feel bare.
So rather than live a life I decided to build one for myself,
My first task revolved around a bookshelf.
My studies were my priority,
No, I will no longer be considered a minority.
I worked to receive the best grades,
Ignoring all the praise.
But that was not enough,
I know I needed to do more because life was tough.
My family did not know many people so I didn't have connections,
All we had were our mere reflections.
From that point I knew I had to make my own,
Even if I would not succeed until I was grown.
Joining a medical class I had to be the best,
So doctors would look at me over the rest.
Going above and beyond I finally achieved a goal.
A connection with a surgeon was made.
Joining the doctors on his surgery,
I was full of glee.
At that time what I wanted to do for the rest of my life was discovered,
No my life would no longer be covered.
Covered by the darkness that would lead to depression,
Only with hopes I would find a million dollars in my possession.
No the way was crystal clear, 
Lead by no fake turns called fear.
I suddenly became flawless because I did what Kutcher said,
I built a life rather than laying in bed.
With no opportunities or others to rely on,
There was no way I would be gone.
I succeeded in beating the odds and no becoming a statistic,
I made those who scrutinized me sick.
So what is an aspect of my life that is important?
High school.
This chunk off the timeline we call life deserves respect,
Because I did what everyone did not expect.
I built a life on my own,
And soon I will be known.


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