Flowing from my tongue is a river of speech,
But flawless is nowhere in my vocabulary
Therefore I won’t preach about what I think is flawless
But more of why my flaw is less.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Well if that’s so, than why is your language so vulgar
When it comes to me.
Why point out my insecurities?
 And not just give me security?
My impurities are pure and that’s my example of flaw and flawless
 It doesn’t make sense.
The subject so intense, but not really;
So I’ll write to my true fans of judgment sincerely, flaw.
And to the ones who drop there jaw when I walk by,
I guess flaw is nowhere in their eyes
 But those are the ones that are obnoxious to me
The ones who don’t inspire my only canvas, my mind.
This is the austere beauty of different persons, different faces, and people from different places;
See everybody has some type of beauty about them
It doesn’t matter what size your waist is your mind is beautiful keep imagining the different
Places you’d like to see keep imagining
Things that are only imaginary.
Beauty is really within the mind
A pretty face is nothing but a vapor
But the mind can leave a mark on this world.
So for the poets keep writing on paper
And making something out of nothing,
Be an inspiration, numbing to the soul
So deep in words the mind loses control
And goes into another dimension.
Driving on gravel and fixed rocks
 Life is a lie but we cover it up like bare feet in socks.
We can’t cover everything up
Because the light always outshines the black,
But how is that?
So when people say black doesn’t crack, well it does.



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