United States
I am flawless
My own Beyonce
And my Aunt say
I can be whoever I want
Not tomorrow but today
Beyond saying life ain't fair
Don't need to be 6 foot 4 
To be considered beautiful 
Looked in the mirror and thought,
"God damn, what a handsome man"
If success had a picture
It would be a picture of me
If man was created in the image of God
Then man would look like me
I’m just being facetious 
But I’m trying to change the world
They’re calling me devilish and selfish
Thinking of not only me, but all
So when August ends and here comes fall
No cold case only a welcoming call
First Mexican president
First brown CEO
Own a large residence
Live like I’m broke
Let’s be honest, I want it all
Half-gay, somewhat straight
Got you in my aim
Got the degree in my aim
Shooting for straight A's
Success granted and I’m like ok
Live my life to the fullest everyday
I love myself, what can I say
I am flawless
I am my own Beyonce 


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