Rhyen Williams

***FLAWLESS Poetry Slam

November 17, 2014


I am FLAWLESS. Not because I'm #TeamLightSkin or #TeamLongHair. But because I am a beautiful black QUEEN that knows how to stand independantly.  I am a woman PHENOMENALLY. I am FLAWLESS.I am the next generation that will take a stand in my community. I am the one they ENVY. I am FLAWLESS.   Not because I rock the newest jordan's or because I'm #TeamiPhone. But because I am the one to lead and not follow like those on instagram or twitter. I am the one to stop bullying. I am the one to stop world hunger. I am the one to provide shelter to the homeless. I am the one to provide knowledge to those who can't receive. I am the one to earn my MASTER'S DEGREE. Because in a world we live in today, society is worried about who's wearing what and keeping up with whom ever they seek.I am the one to learn that being FLAWLESS is not being famous or wealthy. FLAWLESS is within loving yourself. Loving yourself gives you SELF-CONFIDENCE. SELF-CONFIDENCE gives you POWER. POWER allows no one to knock you down, and just like the lord almighty himself said in Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me." That which makes me a FLAWLESS QUEEN.


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