Smile brighter than the sun 

Skin tone same color as honey 

she lights up like gold 

beautiful on the outside , and the inside 

she is a sailing soul 

voice softer than a melody 

she is a sweeter then a harmony 

her mindset flawless 

she got to work for it if she want it 

survival of the fittest she conquers her opponents 

her determenation is what make her bad not that chanel bag 

and her ambition is what drives a hater mad 

but she just laugh and continues on this path

despite all the trials and tribulations she had

how she rose up out the ashes like a phoenix flawless

when nobody beleived in her they all just doubted

she picked herself up and begin to write her own destiny

a rose which grew from the concrete

doomed from the womb , but a naturual born fighter

so she always so a brighter day

made a way out of no way

thats flawless

head just as high as her heels

standards even higher

she been through it all 

but yet still she rises 




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