Flawlessly Flawed

Wed, 11/19/2014 - 02:33 -- kee110


Do you think I’m that oblivious?

Because I don’t need ears in the back of my head

To hear how you think I’d be better off dead

Do you think I don’t know about my

Bad reputation

Mental aberration

And the entire accumulation

Of all the things that I have done wrong?


Do you think I’m that oblivious?

Because I know my face and know my race and yes, I even know my place.

But trust me darling

Its still leagues ahead of you


Because my mind is mine and weird and divine

And you might not like the flaws in my brain

But I do.


So call me crazy and insane

Spit at me and call it rain

Take my burning, scorching flame

And I dare you to blow it out.


Because the thing that so cool about me

Is that I make my flaws my golden key

So that nothing, not even me, can stop who I am


It took me years to get this way

But I did it so that no one could do or say


That could take away the respect I deserve


I admire the flaws I posses

My scars are battle wounds I'll show off with zest

And nothing, not even your best

Can make me see my flaws as anything but



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