The Flaws in Us All

I wake up every day knowing that I am awesome,
Looking at my brilliant teeth as I brush and floss them,
Walking to the restroom and staring at my reflection,
And also admiring at my radiant complexion.


As I fix my eyebrows and do my hair,
I think about myself and my affairs
In order to make myself flawless,
Combing my beard to make me look jawless.


But as I look at my outer appearance,
About my need for physical perseverance,
I think about more,
And then I look to the floor.


I feel ashamed after being narcissistic,
And reflect on how to be more holistic,
To be more mindful of what is on the inside,
And everything that is going on worldwide.


About how we all have different flaws,
And how we should have equal protection under the laws,
That would govern our world and all its children,
Even though we’re in the billions.


Because we all deserve to be flawless ourselves,
So next time you take a look at yourselves,
Think about everyone else looking in the mirror,
And then maybe you will start to see things clearer.  


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