They say that everyone has this feeling

somewhere deep down inside.

And that even the most difficult to get to

have it as well.

This feeling that depends on trust and friendship

That develops over time.

That takes will.

The will to Love.

If everyone and everything can seem to feel this, then why can't I?

More than once it seemed as though I was once loved,

but I was mistaken.

Although everything may seem okay,

deep down inside me,

I'm so close to shattering.

All of this pain and abuse has become the norm for me.

Nobody in this world seems to care.

That's why I hide it and continue my life

Pretending to be "normal".

Hiding everything my emotions and feelings from everyone.

But somewhere deep inside

I long to be loved.

It is an everlasting hunger that is never satisfied.

Anything I do is a mistake or failure

so how am I supposed to fulfill this hunger

If even I can't do so myself?

Isn't it clear that I don't belong in this world?

What is the poing of being on Earth

If I am not loved

and there is no one to



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