Forever and Always


Forever and always is what you say

Forever and always is what you claim

Even after your hand went across my face

You still think I want to be with you?

What if I don't want to be with you forever?

What if I don't want to even be together?

Are you gonna hit me again?

While you tear my heart to shreds

Then, will you call me crying saying, "Baby, I want you back!"

Then, I'll say, "Baby, I want you dead."


Forever and always I'll be a mess

Forever and always a knife in your chest

You said forever until our deaths

Can we choose who goes first?

Satan wouldn't even want a man like you

I hope you rot in the dirt

Then the rest of my life won't count as yours

Then you can't control my thoughts anymore

While you lay in the ground

I hope you hear me dancing around you!



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