The Forgotten


Who am I?

What is the meaning of

My existence?

People rush past me

But it feels like time has stopped.

I am aware of

All the movement around me

But I am unable to take a step.


At home I am just a burden.

There is an empty feeling that

My parents don't mind me

nor even care.

At school I am just one of everyone else.

I am just another moody teen

in the midst of the crowd.


What makes me so special?

My name?

No one even bothers to ask what it is.


I don't have what they call "beauty".


I possess none.


I stop to think.

Do I have to live unnoticed?

I stop to remember my childhood.

Those times when

I would be the center of attention.

My mom would care for me

My teachers would remember me.

I have been pushed into the crowd of black and white, 


or perhaps already..



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