Sat, 09/06/2014 - 13:28 -- kwaugh

Before I learned the power of the pen I was messed up more than anyone could understand

I always felt like the victim of my own imagination without an escape from my twisted mentality

Reality was a joke I really didn’t find funny

I had nowhere to go so there was no point in running

That’s when I decided to go away for good

So I proceeded to tell the world my good byes and as I confessed on paper my secrets masked my lies I felt a burden rise

There was a feeling of relief inside of me as the blood rushed to my hands I begun to feel free

My whole body exhaled a sigh of relief as I unleashed all my grief and anxiety 

The fog of madness that was spreading inside my head was beginning to clear up at the very moment I longed to drop dead

Funny how that pen and paper became my lifeline when I thought I was writing my last line

Who knew the sweet melody of poetry would be enough to sustain me for a lifetime

So every night I clasp my hands and thank the God above not for allowing me to find poetry but in my darkest hour allowing poetry to find me



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