Free Female Enlightenment

Mon, 03/10/2014 - 23:38 -- poet14


You trust a motherfucker like you trust your own mother
You still think promises hidden in your naval
You still believe in fairy dust yet you know it is just ashes
You still bat your pretty eyes , when devils suckle on your eyelashes
You cover up lies with the approval of the truth
Laying down , sheep and seductive men , you still recruit
Etiquette & posture taught on the tightness of bed sheets
The spotted 1 night stand fail to make you weak
You trust a 7 layered lover when his claws are as long as the times you've been done this
Pressed yourself into sheets , naked , ankles to breast, stroked and kissed
As if he is gonna find dormant treasure in you naval
And lost hopes in your thighs
You act as if his voice is your lullaby
And act as if the pressure between your legs
Harmonizes this compromise
But honey , you advertise & formalize enterprise
You need to realize you are not what qualifies
You are more than just naked beauty
Midnight ally strips, curbs & corners are not your stages
They are just an open door to your open legs for wages
But you are lying on your back every night forgetting what it means to walk .... Away
The comfort of the sheets & streets are not your runway
You are more than a meek smile
More than the mile  you walk on stilts
You are  crafted  more than last night& guilt
You are more than the lagging , lustful, labyrinth of a lady
You are a women guaranteed by decree
You are an clipped, uncaged bird cognizant that you are free
Free of money that divulge on night stands
Free of bed sheets with no wingspan
Free of midnights promise and the days hyperbole
Of backboard , backbones & men's needs

You are free ....


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