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One can only hope for freedom

Glances that stare are just cold enough to freeze over hell
As my body is exposed to a childs game of show and tell 
The Eyes of the concietded wander over my scars and imperfection
Its the start of their new conversation
Held captive in this glass container
For tonight im their broken entertainer
Growing emotionless to the cuts once felt
Numbing as my heart begins to wealt
I can feel the light slip from my eye
Dripping hope falling between the cracks of my mind

One can only hope for freedom

This black abyss of insanity
Pushing me closer the the edge 
Im losing my grip on humanity
While humming my pledge

(Breathe in 
Breathe out)

Pinch your checks to look alive
Even though your dead inside
Smile and give a fake impression
Try harder to hide your depression
Dont forget to dot your "i"'s and cross your "t"'s
Youll learn this in a breeze
The game is almost done
But sadly its only begun

One can only hope for freedom

Don't let them send me to a psychologist
Just because Im being realistic
Im tired of always pretending
But thats all i have when my mind wont let me forget things
The words that crawl through the air ducts and into my mind
Forming a murky shadow of my self image soon leaving me blind

One can only hope for freedom

The cloud of darkness is fogging up my vision
I can hear my sub conscious wonder why i wont listen
Ive been plugged to the same routine day after day
The world around has slowed grey

One can only hope for freedom

I can see the eyes of the ones i love get glazed over with disgust
Words that leave their minds left them corrupt
The medicine that made me feel alive and rid the pain
No longer needed me but only the water drain

One can only hope for freedom

One can only dream of freedom

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