Thu, 07/25/2013 - 00:08 -- Klm707


When I place

Paper and Pen in my space

My mind begins to pace

My heart begins to race.


I'm Free! I'm Free!


Thoughts flow

My pen begins to glow

With the truth.


Secrets fly out,

Reliving my doubt

Of hope for those

Whose constant pose

Proves them fake

And they just take.


But here they must

Pay the toll I entrust

The blood of their sin

The ink for my pen.


Without this time

Without my rhyme

The pain sits

And gives me fits


My pen is not

A weapon like you thought.

My creations are my out cry

To let out the pain to die

And yet you still look

At me as a crook

I steal none,

You gave me the smoking gun.


Truth is never black and white

Which is why it is I choose to write

To save my soul

And destroy your goal

Of bringing misery and hate

To the brink of my gate


I'm free! I'm free!


I have set myself free.

And now you see

The true image you project

Is it one you want to protect?


I'm free! I'm free!


It is all out,

Your sins and my doubt.


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