Freedom in America

Sat, 03/08/2014 - 17:19 -- lupe572

You say youre like me and that I am like you

And that we are both entirely free

But you have a white picket fence

To guard your garden and bike and your dog

And I have a fence too

But its made of metal and it guards something too

my family and I and it keeps us from reaching yours

you complain of shine and I of rust

you of rain and I of dust

my food is too salty you say to my mother

the rose bush needs trimming you say to my father

get down on your knees you say to my sister

don’t touch my daughter you say to my brother

now tell me, what will you say to me

will you accuse me

or will you pursue me

will you curse me

or will you begrudge me

will you fear me

or will you just keep up with your hypocrisy?

But this I do know

That you will never accept me, nor my family

But we are free

and the only thing I have to say to you

Is that eventually everyone pays their due 


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

well said

unfortunately, racism still exists 

it's important that we all have a purposein this world

people fought for equality, but yet we continue to enslave ourselves with stupidity

keep writing

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