A friend

A friend is someone you can't replace,
Someone who puts a smile on your face.
You can be yourself around them ,
Friends are rare like a precious gem.
They are with you so much that your dad and mum are almost their daddy and mummy,
They will never keep secrets from you even if it's something silly like still having a dummy,
And when people tease you saying things like "You're so fat," or "You're so slim,"
Or even "You like her," or "You like him, "
You're Friend should feel you're rage and your pain,
And stop the bully so they don't do it again.
Even though sometimes they annoy you and give you grief and you want to stop being there friend,
Maybe you should stop and think again.
Because they are feeling the same.
So are we friends is our friendship true.
Dear my best friend, I'm asking you?


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