friendly flowers

flowers never cease to make me happy.

seeing them flourishing in a garden bed,

growing taller and vrighter with each passing day.

seeing them creadled in the crook of a young man's arm,

as he thoughtfully carries them to his lover.

brightening the darkness of a grave, adding life where death resides.

accenting the pale face of a canvas, being captured in a still life painting.

sitting in a pot on the sill of a window, or resting in a vase

on the table, to whisper welcome to those who enter a humble home.

stretching through the cracks of concrete, struggling to hold onto life

despite wehre it was meant to grow.

nestled in a young girl's hair, making her feel as lovely as she already looks.


oh how a flower, one simple thing,

can have such an effect

on a human, one simple mind.



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Our world
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