Gabriella and Troy


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You see I'm your Gabriella And you're my Troy.
You don't see it now but you will.
I always hoped that we'd sing the duet and the lyrics of the song would do the talking for our hearts cause ... We know we like each other but, little giggles and zig zag patterns I poke you you poke me back was never enough.
It never would be enough.
That's why I kept hoping for that duet cause that would be our test to prove that we were meant to be together.
Like Troy and Gabriella.
But instead you decided to flip the script and instead going towards your Gabriella you kept her In the friend zone.
You kept me in the friend zone.
You kept me in the friend zone and went for Sharpay.
And out of all the High School Musical movies I saw it never went this way because Troy was meant to stay with Gabriella and away from Sharpay but it wasn't with me who you wanted to stay.
So I stayed in the outskirts waiting for the day that you'd say hey confess you're feelings and release me of my pain because when I flipped to the last page it was Troy and Gabriella ... Not Troy and Sharpay.

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