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Paid to play the game

(Subset of development)--

Processing control

(To function with discipline),

Listing my defects

(Misunderstanding the world),

Tested on aspects

(For complications to curl),

And random movements

(To stop problems not my own).


As tasks increases

(Along complexity, too)

With no aid, just you

(Finding ways to reduce it)…


And it’s passable

(To be in isolation),

Without structure or

(Expertise, or Profession),

Beyond any need


But by no small means

(While ensuring everything),

Big feats she’s not seeing

(As we barely work and run).


She follows a script

(Though operates differently),

Cries internally

(Just to configure herself),

Just raised to contain

(Missing patches of her drive).


Now the new alpha

(Defeating her Beta-self),

Now more determined

(To rid the ingrained program),

Now finding her soul

(In this closed environment),

Ignoring the phase

(And intended audience)

Trying to release

(To discover self-purpose),

With a high-waged work

(And expensive performance).


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