We grow up teaching our children,

boys will be boys.

That it is about being a man,

being tough,

about being good enough.

But what do you do when boys will be boys turns into an excuse?

That boys raping girls is something society condones.

When we all turn a cheek to the ever haunting phrase

boys will be boys.

That phrase is killing a gender, giving them a right to the unwarrantable. 

Women are to be dominated


and hit.

We teach our daughters to be afraid to walk alone.

That short skirts, tight dresses and drinking will allow 

boys to be boys.

We teach our daughters go in pairs,

to be afraid of men.

When boys will be boys, 

and one ends up raped.

We don't ask the boy why he did it,

we tell the girl she deserved it.

Because boys will be boys

don't you see?


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